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Making travel plans

As Covid restrictions are lifting and overseas travel is starting to become easier our consultants are able to make site visit plans and have recently...

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International Orangutan Day

Today is International Orangutan day. According to the WWF, Orangutan populations have declined by around 50% over the past 60 years. This incred...

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Safeguarding the Sumatran Tiger

Yesterday was International Tiger Day, lets take some time to focus on these iconic animals. According to WWF wild tiger numbers sadly dropped by more...

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The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods

The world celebrated World Oceans Day earlier this month, and whilst we may have missed the boat (!) on posting about it, we thought it was important ...

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Forests of Hope

At Earth Active we’ve recently been working hard to establish environmental and social safeguards for two rainforests, Hutan Harapan and the Leuser Ec...

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