Social Impact and Performance

We provide an holistic perspective on how to incorporate social considerations into project design, management systems and policy. Our clients seek to meet increasingly ambitious social performance standards, to raise the bar in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) ambitions, and to deliver on social impact targets in an inclusive and transparent manner.

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) and international financial institutions (IF) fully encompass the concept of ‘leaving no-one behind’ and require robust and inclusive social assessment and stakeholder engagement, valuing the rich diversity of questions, views, concerns, and suggestions that communities have to offer.

Our network of internationally recognised experts and on the ground local knowledge combined with a deep understanding of internationally recognised standards, enables us to work closely with our environment, governance, and climate specialists to deliver valuable results for our clients.

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Meet the Specialists


Community health and safety
Community investment and development
Environmental and social due diligence and compliance (ESDD)
Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)
Environmental and social management plans (ESMP) and action plans (ESAP)
Human rights risk assessments
Labour and working conditions
Monitoring evaluation and learning
Occupational health and safety
Physical and economic displacement and management plans
Social impact evaluation and benefit analysis
Stakeholder engagement, community consultation and disclosure
Vulnerable groups, gender, and gender-based violence

Social and environmental issues are intimately entwined,
and accountability and transparency are fundamental components of good governance.

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