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Environment and Biodiversity

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to understand and minimise their impact on ecosystems, biodiversity, and the natural resources they provide. Earth Active understands the risks and rewards this presents, and our industry-leading experts advise companies, lenders, NGOs and governments enabling them to make defensible, robust and sustainably informed decisions.

We achieve excellence through our close collaboration with our network of internationally recognised experts and on-the-ground, local knowledge. Our approach draws from a deep understanding of the IFC Performance Standards, and our team works closely with our internal social, governance and climate specialists to deliver progressive results.

We deliver solutions-orientated environmental due diligence and assessment, management systems and action plans and monitoring and evaluation services. Beyond compliance, our team is experienced and confident as advisors, developing environmental and biodiversity strategies and enabling our clients to achieve their ambitions. We utilise the intrinsic links between E, S and G to ensure investment prioritises nature-based solutions, that protect and enhance biodiversity and the ecosystem services that ultimately deliver climate resilient landscapes.

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Biodiversity action and management plans

Biodiversity offsets and net gain calculations

Biodiversity strategy

Biodiversity surveys and monitoring

Critical habitat assessments

Cumulative impact assessments

Ecosystem services

Environmental and social due diligence and compliance (ESDD)

Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

Environmental and social management plans (ESMP) and action plans (ESAP)

Environmental economics

Natural capital evaluations

Nature-based solutions

Program and project management

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+)

Risk assessment and management

We work with companies, lenders, NGOs and governments to identify biodiversity risk and opportunities associated with their projects.

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