Case Study

Critical Infrastructure Development - Uzbekistan

We were appointed to support an Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed project to undertake a comprehensive biodiversity assessment of potential impacts associated with the Uzbekistan Government’s proposed upgrade of a 240km section of the A380 road. The A380 is critically piece of Uzbek infrastructure, at 1,204km, connecting north west Uzbekistan with the south. The 240km upgrade section was is located in the drought affected area between Kungrad and the Kazakhstan border at Daut Ata.

The Client needed expert advice on ensuring the road development was designed in line with the mitigation hierarchy to achieve no net loss to biodiversity. Earth Active teamed up with national Saiga experts, Elena Bykova and Aleksandr Esipov to design a range of specialised mitigation and offset measures for the Critically Endangered Saiga antelope. Other species that required bespoke measures from the project included the Sociable Lapwing (also Critically Endangered), as well as the Steppe Eagle, Saker Falcon, Pallas Fish eagle and Egyptian Vulture (all Endangered).

With our international finance experience, knowledge of the ADB standards and processes, and support from local and international experts, we were able to bring together the key stakeholders to rapidly facilitate a way for ADB financing to proceed in accordance with their lender requirements, whilst ensuring net gain for the Saiga antelope.

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Critical Habitat Assessment

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