GE HealthCare Biodiversity Strategy

Key Services: Biodiversity awareness raising, Workshop delivery, Biodiversity Roadmap Report 

Biodiversity loss is increasingly becoming a major issue facing both businesses and society as a whole. Not only is addressing biodiversity risk and opportunity the ‘right thing to do’, it is also becoming expected from customers, investors, staff and the general public. 

GE HealthCare (GEHC) were looking for guidance in developing a strategy for biodiversity management. They recognized that biodiversity loss is a critical global issue, so it was important for them to understand how their business impacts biodiversity, and how biodiversity risk and opportunity can impact the business. On top of this, they wanted to stay ahead of rapidly growing biodiversity related legislative requirements and to reduce any potential biodiversity related financial or reputational risks.

We delivered the project in part through a series of workshops, allowing the internal GEHC team to develop a clear, company-wide vision and helping to frame the biodiversity strategy to allow creation of a roadmap to 2030. The workshops also helped to increase awareness within the company, and its leadership team, of biodiversity issues and expectations.

We worked with GEHC to develop a Biodiversity Roadmap for 2030, outlining options for a strategic plan and proposing next steps to help address existing and potential future biodiversity-associated organisational risks, impacts, dependencies and opportunities. We supported the development of targets to sit alongside these actions and placed them into the timeframe necessary to create change.

We ensured that the final roadmap aligned with GRI biodiversity standards and the Taskforce for Nature-based Financial disclosure (TNFD) within the 2030 timeframe. TNFD is being taken up by a growing number of large corporates and is based on the recently adopted Taskforce for Climate-based Financial disclosure (TCFD) requirements.

On this project we partnered with Biodiversify, who provided technical support on the impacts associated with supply chains, helped to guide workshop delivery and worked with us to develop the biodiversity roadmap. 

21 March 2023
Catherine Barrett
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