Case Study

Renewable Energy - Wind - Djibouti

The 60 MW Red Sea Power windfarm project in Ghoubet is the first windfarm in Djibouti and its completion represents a significant milestone for the country on its path towards its goal of 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2035.

Financed by an international consortium including Africa Finance Corporation, FMO, Climate Fund Managers and Great Horn Investment Holdings, the project required construction of over a dozen wind turbines as well as a 5km overhead transmission line and substation.

An international ESIA was completed in accordance with the IFC performance standards in 2017, however further expertise was required to develop and implement the key recommendations and mitigation measures arising from the ESIA process. This included specific support in developing an appropriate Livelihood Restoration Plan, Community Investment Programme and Biodiversity Action Plan, as well as developing and monitoring the terms of reference for the contactors tasked with the construction works. Earth Active were engaged as the environmental, social, health and safety implementation advisors to the project, with responsibility for developing these key HSSE design elements. Our international expertise was critical to getting the project up and running in a timely manner whilst ensuring that the international safeguards were met, through the application of robust but pragmatic advice.

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Livelihood Restoration Plan

Community Investment Programme

Biodiversity Action Plan

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