Case Study

Renewable Energy - Hydro - Uganda

At the time of the project, only 5 - 7% of the rural population in Uganda had access to electricity, and as part of its development strategy the Government of Uganda is therefore embracing the opportunities presented by renewable energy generation. The Nyamabuye run-of-river hydropower plant (HPP) is located on the River Kaku in Kisoro District - the most south-westerly of all renewable energy generating sites in Uganda - so could provide a much-desired geographic expansion of electricity provision.

Our MFI client was reviewing and potentially extending its long-standing funding relationship with a major regional developer of renewable energy schemes, and to underpin further investment a review of the environment, social, health, safety and security (ESHSS) impacts and deliverability of the proposed Nyamabuye HPP project was needed.

We mobilised an environmental and social expert team that participated in multi-party review, training and team-building workshops in Kampala - where funder, developer, operator, contractors and consultants all shared insights and expertise to improve efficiencies and minimise the risks across the project portfolio.

Our consultants then undertook a detailed site visit and several stakeholder meetings in the Kisoro area; we reviewed all critical project risks including sustainable river flow, biodiversity, and health & safety and social benefit within the local community.

We provided our client, the potential funder, with an appraisal of the environmental and social risks of the project and proposed practical management solutions. This fostered further alignment and impetus among the project proponents to support renewable energy roll-out in Uganda and East Africa.

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E&S Assessment (DD)

EBRD PR Compliance Review

Livelihood Restoration Framework

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Environmental and Social Action Plan

Non-Technical Summary

Gender Impact Assessment

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