Case Study

Renewable Energy - Geothermal - Ethiopia

An international consortium is developing a 500 MW geothermal power plant in southern Ethiopia with initial works including both exploratory drilling and the development of up to 50MW of power. The proposed works require extensive use of local water resources and have the potential to impact on both local communities and nearby environmental receptors.

The client commissioned several ESIA studies aligned with the IFC Performance Requirements to help them address corporate reputational risk, national regulatory requirements and international financing expectations. This included a review of water supply options for both the project and the local communities, on-the-ground inventories of local springs and deeper ground waters and their use by communities and other ecological and social components.

Based on the results obtained, the team were able to identify an appropriate location for groundwater extraction that would meet both project and local use requirements. We also helped the project gain the “broad community support” required through the development of a robust stakeholder engagement program. Additional work undertaken by the team included the development of monitoring proposals and associated action triggers for the nearby springs and water features. We also provided recommendations on further strategic hydrogeological investigations to be undertaken in the longer term.

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Initial Scoping Exercise

Environment and Social Impact Assessment

Development of Management Plans

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