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Case Study

Climate Readiness Review - Africa

Our client, a major investor, wanted to understand the extent to which the bank’s climate strategy and ambitions were aligned and in accordance with the investor’s own commitments. They also needed to know what level of investment would be needed to bring them into alignment.

Our assessment included a review of the investment strategies, existing portfolio and methodologies employed by the bank to identify climate risk. This culminated in the creation of an action plan to reduce exposure to emissive sectors and investments and develop greater alignment with the investor’s standards.

By benchmarking their practices against other comparable banks with reference to global good practice, it was possible to develop a clear motivation for improvement of the bank’s climate strategy. The action plan included developing senior management capacity training programmes, creating a stand-alone Climate Policy, risk assessment and management processes and a long-term alignment with the 2-degree scenario.

By utilising our existing local relationships, we were able to develop and employ SMART objectives and related deliverables, with timelines for achievement and guidance notes, which will be key to building momentum and ultimate implementation of the plan.

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Detailed Assessment Report

Climate Action Plan

Recommendation to Client

Development of Guidance Note

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