Case Study

Tesco and Biodiversity

As part of a partnership with the WWF, Tesco’s aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket by 50%.

Earth Active has been working alongside Tesco to assess options for developing a nature friendly supply chain. Working with their Responsible Sourcing Team, we have reviewed and assessed what the role of a large, international food retailer should be in motivating and incentivising change and overcoming major barriers in its supply chain.

Case studies on potato, beef and dairy supply chains in the UK, top fruit in South Africa and citrus and lettuce in Spain, were undertaken to identify, alongside subject matter experts, interventions proven to deliver benefits in those supply chains. By building a comprehensive understanding of what farming with nature at a farm and landscape scale looks like, we were able to identify a number of actions and approaches that would benefit biodiversity.

Earth Active worked with Tesco to simplify this complex area into a pragmatic, realistic and timebound road map.

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Biodiversity Strategy



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