Case Study

Cool Logistics Corridor - Ethiopia and Djibouti

The transport corridor linking Addis Ababa to the Port of Djibouti has become an important gateway to new export markets for Ethiopia. However, at present, there is limited capacity for export of refrigerated goods, meaning a wide range of fresh produce which can be grown in Ethiopia, cannot be exported, given the time taken to travel to the key markets of Europe. Export of fresh produce is currently limited to high value, low volume products such as flowers that can be transported by air.  To overcome this, Ethiopia and the Netherlands have entered into a multi-annual partnership to develop Cool Logistics Infrastructure along the Addis-Djibouti corridor, including cold storage facilities and a cool rail network. 

Earth Active provided comprehensive and wide-ranging E&S advisory services, in accordance with international standards, for the first facility, Cool Port Addis. 

Earth Active undertook a comprehensive stakeholder engagement programme which built upon previous discussions with the local communities, to create bespoke solutions that will benefit Cool Port Addis and local communities.  

As well as an ESIA and Human Rights Risk Assessment of the Cool Port Addis which clearly set out the local and national context and developed a comprehensive set of management plans to ensure potential environmental and social risks would be addressed during construction and operation, we also supported the client with a number of specialised studies. These included an assessment of the carbon footprint of the Cool Port Addis and the associated transport of fresh produce, a climate risk assessment and identification and assessment of the SDGs and targets where the facility could have a meaningful impact. In combination, these studies provided the client with key information to deliver a future proof asset that creates value for the local economy without significant adverse impacts.   

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Climate Risk Assessment

Carbon Footprinting Assessment

Human Rights Risk Assessment

SDG Assessment

Economic Viability Assessment

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