Earth Active Projects

Our highly experienced team has an impressive track record of successful delivery in a range of markets and locations, and many of our client relationships are for the long term.

Here are a few examples of the work we’ve delivered.

Core Service 1

ESG Due Diligence

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Transforming Cairo’s railways with international investment

Cairo’s Metro Line first opened in 1987 and now carries over 4 million passengers a day. The Egyptian government is currently upgrading the original line and as part of this has sought funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) as well as other IFIs. To help the EBRD decide whether to invest, it appointed Earth Active team members to undertake a rapid assessment of whether the project complied with the EBRD’s Performance Requirements. The EBRD praised the quality and rigour of the work our team completed, which was then used to inform its investment decision.

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Enhancing performance in the Belarus agricultural sector

A leading agribusiness group in Belarus is seeking to modernise its poultry and dairy facilities to support its planned expansion into new markets. It asked Earth Active team members to provide an expert view on the management of environmental, health and safety and governance issues within the business, and advise the company of on any further actions needed to ensure compliance with the EBRD Performance Requirements. Our team members’ advice has been crucial to the group obtaining its investment targets.

Core Service 2

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

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Road Infrastructure in Georgia

Earth Active is working as part of the ESIA team for a major road project in Georgia, currently seeking international finance. In addition to supporting the overall ESIA development, we have specific responsibility for addressing issues associated with Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources. Given the particularly sensitive environment through which the road will run, a clear strategy for conservation is essential to securing investment. We have advised the project team on which areas may be considered Critical Habitat and how to ensure its proposals deliver no net loss to biodiversity – or better still, a net gain. Our goal is to reach an outcome that is endorsed by the development team, financing organisations, local communities and local conservation groups.

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Gas pipeline in Moldova

An international financing institution is currently considering financing of a major gas pipeline project in Moldova. A comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment had already been undertaken of the project. but the transfer of ESIA obligations from the developer to the EPC contractor was unclear. Earth Active was appointed to review the ESIA documentation and develop in a short space of time a series of practical Environmental Management Plans (and an updated Environmental and Social Action Plan) to enable these key risks and issues to be comprehensively addressed before the construction process began. The revised plans were delivered in a timely manner and will be supported by specific training to support their implementation.

Core Service 3

Advising on and Implementing ESG Management Systems

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Wind Power in Djibouti

Earth Active has been retained by the international financial consortium behind a 60MW wind farm development in Djibouti to set up and operationalise the health and safety, social, security and environmental management systems and team for the project. Our work encompasses human resourcing issues and everyday working processes; we are managing issues associated with local community investment, contractor health and safety and labour conditions, as well as protected species conservation. We are also engaging with other major infrastructure projects in the country to address local development needs in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) commitments. Over time, we will build capacity in the local team so that they can take on the role, once the systems have been further developed.  

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Supporting renewable energy projects in Africa

A European renewables energy firm is developing a run-of-river hydropower project in Uganda to add to its existing portfolio across East Africa. Earth Active has been retained by the development bank FMO to act as  environmental and social consultant to perform detailed project appraisal and review. Our role is to ensure that international best practice is adopted and adhered to over the project lifetime. To date, our expert team has completed a detailed field visit, including stakeholder meetings with regulators, local community, indigenous people and affected landholders. We are also developing and delivering training workshops for the project developer, EPC contractor and owner’s engineer to increase awareness of and accountability for compliance with IFI standards. We are helping to ensure the funding and the successful implementation of this regionally-significant infrastructure project.

Core Service 4

Capacity Building

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Building ESG capacity at the World Bank

The World Bank has recently introduced a new environmental and social framework to support its project and programme investments. Key staff from the Earth Active team led the design and delivery of a global training programme to help Bank staff fully understand the implications of the new framework. The face to face training is combined with real-life stories from development projects that bring the principles to life and resonate with the Bank’s workforce.

Core Service 5

Landscape Level Interventions

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Transforming the Niger Delta

The Earth Active team is currently working with the donor and private sector-backed Niger Delta Low Carbon Growth Initiative to develop a landscape-level intervention to support both local communities and local businesses and help reinstate what was until relatively recently a thriving local economy.  The work involves the development of a series of low-carbon investment opportunities, centred on the conversion of flare gas to power and with the objective of supporting local stakeholder-led proposals for economic growth.  In addition to the gas-to-power project, other projects currently under consideration include industrial fish-farming and cassava growing, harvesting of allanblackia as a palm oil substitute, and opportunities for harvesting and control of invasive species.