Samantha Dierckx

Business Development Director

Specialism Areas

Management consultancy, strategy, equator principles, business development, human rights and climate

Sam has a 20+ year international career as a company director, programme leader and stakeholder manager in the fields of business and human rights, corporate sustainability, and environmental and social risk management. She has specialised in providing bespoke management consultancy services to global corporations and financial institutions through collaborative business-led and/or multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives.

She founded the Equator Principles (EP) Secretariat and supported the establishment of the EP Association in 2008. During her 9-year tenure Sam provided organisational structure and strategic direction; drove training and capacity building initiatives; developed and managed all internal and external communication and stakeholder relationships; facilitated the recruitment of over 50 EPFIs and provided specialist strategic, advisory and operational support to the Steering Committee and Chair.

Her impressive career has also included working as a scientific technical expert (applied entomology & tropical medicine) for the MoD tri-service; training and capacity building manager in banking and ICM at a renowned law firm; developing and managing a business-led human rights initiative chaired by Mary Robinson (President of Ireland); and supporting the founding of the Institute for Business & Human Rights.

In her free time, she ‘chats nonsense’, runs about, creates art including writing amusing (and sometimes controversial) poetry, reads non-fiction (philosophy, geopolitics, psychology, medical science, anything geeky), grows food, and has a go at building, restoring or fixing anything.

"I would like to warmly thank you for your professionalism and excellent content delivery during our ESG training. I particularly appreciated your interactive approach, and your efforts to encourage participants to engage actively with the content,
which is exactly what we stand for"  
United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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