Sachin Kapila

Associate Director

Specialism Areas

Climate Risk, Biodiversity, Environmental Footprints

Sachin is a seasoned sustainability expert with almost 30 years’ professional experience. A former Chief Climate Officer for a climate risk intelligence company and was at Shell for 18 years, where he led multi-disciplinary teams across three countries. He has extensive experience of public policy within multilateral institutions and has worked across a broad range of thematic areas; energy transition, climate policy, decommissioning and restoration, revenue transparency and nature-based solutions. Sachin has experience of working with key multilateral organisations including the World Bank, IFC, UN, G20/B20, ICC, EU and OECD. 


Sachin is a leading industry expert on business and biodiversity, working on innovative methods to address environmental footprints, ranging from assessing the effective development of green infrastructure, credit origination in the voluntary carbon market, monetising the conservation value of surplus land-based assets (conservation banking), developing biodiversity offsets, and establishing and managing strategic partnerships with leading environmental organisations.


Sachin is a keen cyclist and can often be found in various forms of lycra clothing and guides road cycling trips within Europe. He has also co-authored a book called “Building Biodiversity Business”

"I would like to warmly thank you for your professionalism and excellent content delivery during our ESG training. I particularly appreciated your interactive approach, and your efforts to encourage participants to engage actively with the content,
which is exactly what we stand for"  
United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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