James Raymond

Senior Consultant

Specialism Areas

Environmental land management, ecological mitigation, health, safety and environmental site management

James has worked in the ecological mitigation sector since 2015 on a variety of projects including nationally significant infrastructure. He specialises in task-specific biodiversity impact assessments and biodiversity action plans for multi-habitat sites. His project experience spans a range of development sectors including rail, road, housing, energy, flood defence, utilities and the public sector. James has delivered successful work programmes for protected sites, woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, recreational access, and coastal habitats, with a particular interest in the practicalities of effective habitat creation and restoration.

Prior to Earth Active, James worked as a senior environmental land management consultant with a focus on the design and implementation of habitat management work programmes and integrated land management plans subject to high health and safety standards.

James’ Conservation Science master’s thesis in 2019 covered the combination of the natural and social sciences, analysing the social impacts of biodiversity net gain and how perceived losses and gains in biodiversity can impact human wellbeing.

When not at work, James likes to keep active; he enjoys running, hiking and bouldering as well as exploring London on city walks.

"I would like to warmly thank you for your professionalism and excellent content delivery during our ESG training. I particularly appreciated your interactive approach, and your efforts to encourage participants to engage actively with the content,
which is exactly what we stand for"  
United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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