Brando Tomé

Graduate ESG Consultant

Specialism Areas

Ecology and conservation

A dedicated environmentalist with a fervent passion for ecology and conservation, Brando pursued his academic journey at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in Ecological and Environmental Sciences, focussing on pollution management, biodiversity and niche evolution. This reflects his commitment to understanding and addressing the intricate dynamics of our natural world. Armed with knowledge and a deep-seated desire for positive change, Brando strives to contribute meaningfully to the preservation and sustainability of our planet.

Outside of work Brando loves to travel abroad and explore the world, as well as pursue his musical interests.

"I would like to warmly thank you for your professionalism and excellent content delivery during our ESG training. I particularly appreciated your interactive approach, and your efforts to encourage participants to engage actively with the content,
which is exactly what we stand for"  
United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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