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Creating Sustainable Value

Manufacturing, Industrial and Extractives

Manufacturing, industrial and extractives organisations are under sustained pressure to comply with increasingly stringent environmental, social and climate change expectations. To maintain access to finance and broad community support they must embrace these new standards and act quickly to address the associated challenges.

ESG issues, including those associated with climate transition, are increasingly important in the manufacturing, industrial and extractives sectors.  Delivering beneficial community outcomes, along with improved environmental and social performance, may require investments in on-the-ground systems and capacity. Our considerable experience in working with the manufacturing, industrial and extractives sectors can help you deliver this efficiently and effectively, freeing up leadership time to work on the business. Reducing carbon intensity and supporting climate transition can help your people and other stakeholders feel more engaged with the corporate identity.

From maintaining your licence to operate, obtaining investment financing, and addressing new reporting regimes, Earth Active takes a bespoke approach that helps manufacturing and industrial organisations deliver sustained value within your business.

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Our implementable strategies and plans save time and effort whilst positively impacting our environment.

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