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Energy and Renewables

As the world progresses towards alternative and more sustainable energy provision, Energy Companies must adapt to new demands and expectations. Attracting finance, achieving a valid license to operate, and embedding sustainability all require a strategic and tactical approach to ESG implementation.

ESG stakes are often particularly high for energy and renewables companies for whom the creation of  beneficial social and environmental legacies can be vital. Whilst good stakeholder communications are of great importance, effective management of contractor performance (including health and safety and interactions with communities) can be key to a project’s long-term viability. As the world rapidly moves towards cleaner and more sustainable products and habits, those that positively embrace the new expectations can create a competitive advantage for themselves as well as their customers.

Earth Active brings bespoke global experience in supporting the energy and renewables sector.  We operate at the boardroom and on-the-ground, and bring insight to such key areas as governance, transactions, delivery and reporting.  Our expertise can help you develop and implement reliable and effective strategies to deliver the positive outcomes required.

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With our experience from Governance to on the ground delivery, Earth Active develops deliverable strategies that leave a beneficial legacy to the landscape and surrounding habitat.

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