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Agriculture and Forestry

The agricultural and forestry sectors are considered “stewards” of the world’s landscapes.  They are under pressure to safeguard the natural and social settings in which they operate whilst meeting increasing demands for greater output and economic returns.

Agricultural and forestry businesses increasingly need to meet customer and consumer ESG demands whilst proactively supporting the wider climate change, environmental and sustainability agendas.  A robust approach to ESG management will help you to access finance, meet supply chain requirements and deliver on your potential for regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration.  It can also help you develop and implement practical strategies for nature-based solutions, addressing social equity, biodiversity, soil health, water and carbon reduction, amongst other issues.

Earth Active brings together bespoke teams to support agriculture and forestry organisations to address their biodiversity, social and other ESG challenges.  Our cross-sector experience can help shape and improve your business’ sustainability and environmental credentials, enhancing your investor and stakeholder attractiveness and creating added-value and improved resilience for your organisation. 

To discuss how we can help you with your project, please get in touch.

Earth Active’s global, cross-sector experience can help create resiliency and value from your ESG investment.

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