Vertical Rush

Charity tower run
Some of our team were feeling especially athletic last week and participated in Vertical Rush in aid of Shelter, a charity dedicated to helping fight homelessness and raising awareness of the struggle many individuals face.

Vertical Rush involves powering up the stairwell of 42 floors of Tower 42 in London, which our team all did in just a few (very testing) minutes!

Homelessness is on the rise: every four minutes a household in England is made homeless. As Shelter say, ‘Home is everything: Take action locally or nationally to protect it.’

Hugo, Paul and Siân managed to raise nearly £1500 for Shelter including £500 donation kindly contributed by Earth Active.

“I can see why Vertical Rush is one of the most challenging tower runs in London! There's a sense of pride in completing it in support of a cause that is unfortunately very present all around us in London. Thank you to everyone who donated!” Siân commented after the challenge.
5 March 2024
Earth Active
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