Quarterly Briefing

Last week, the team met at our new offices for our quarterly briefing meeting. As always, the session started with a health and safety briefing, paramount to keeping our consultants safe whilst they are working. We reflected on the impact of the projects we have worked on for international financial institutions over the last quarter, including supporting clients with: 
- Environmental & Social Due Diligence in Sub-Sharan Africa  
- Global Biodiversity Strategies for Corporations 
- Supporting Financial Institutions and their Clients with the transition to net zero  
We celebrated that the list of countries where we have been able to support has grown, allowing to further demonstrate our service capabilities to support getting financing through ESG into developing and emerging markets, as well as starting work with some new and exciting clients.

The close out of the session covered Earth Active company values, new staff to our growing team, company benefits update and a discussion around our efficiencies to ensure we continue to deliver the best for our clients.

It’s always great to get the team together to really feel the energy and enthusiasm in the room, here’s to the next quarter. Thanks to the rest of the team who joined us online!

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2 March 2023
Catherine Barrett
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