Pakistan Power Transmission Strengthening Project

We are really passionate about and specialise in advising financial institutions on environment, social and governance matters. We are currently supporting the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to align the Pakistan Power Transmission Strengthening Project with international standards and to safeguard ADB’s investment.

The project supports the Government of Pakistan's agenda to ensure national grid stability; energy security; climate resilience; increased transmission capacity to deploy sufficient, reliable, clean and cost-effective energy for sustainable economic growth and enhanced management of the national transmission system.

As we frequently do, Earth Active updated the national environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and the initial environmental examinations (IEEs) to bring the assessments in line with international standards – in this case, for the four sub-projects, we considered the ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (ADB SPS) and IFC Performance Standards (IFC PS). 

Further to this, we conducted critical habitat assessments (CHA) and developed biodiversity management and action plans (BMP and BAP). The impacts of the transmission lines on biodiversity was the main material issue with three endangered birds triggering critical habitat, with the project also running along the edge of the MKKS National Park. We developed stringent mitigation measures to protect these species and achieve net gain.

With the growing role that ESG plays in project financing, reach out to our team and we can help align your project with international standards.


21 November 2023
Catherine Barrett
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