International Day for Biological Diversity

Recognising the urgent need to address the global biodiversity crisis, Earth Active aim to harness the power of finance to deliver projects with net positive impacts on the natural world. We collaborate with various organisations and stakeholders to develop comprehensive strategies and initiatives for all ESG matters. Our work on projects aims to raise awareness, promote responsible practices, and foster collaboration among different sectors to conserve and restore biodiversity.

With a deep commitment to sustainability and conservation, we have consistently championed the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems, while navigating the international performance standards to protect our clients’ investments.

Working to recognised international financial standards, we conduct biodiversity assessments, develop biodiversity action plans, and provide guidance on sustainable practices. By incorporating biodiversity as a core component of our clients' ESG strategies, we ensure that biodiversity conservation becomes an integral part of corporate decision-making. Earth Active have also worked in an independent scientific advisory role for international lenders, monitoring large scale development projects to ensure they meet their required biodiversity outcomes.

Recently, we have supported our clients in achieving biodiversity net gain for critical habitats and species, in part through guidance on the design and implementation of biodiversity offset projects.

We help de-risk investments in the most challenging environments – identifying and helping resolve issues, building capacity within financial institutions and corporates, supporting our clients’ communications and disclosures. We are proud that our efforts ultimately support ecosystems, protect endangered species, and promote the value of biodiversity for current and future generations.


25 May 2023
Catherine Barrett
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