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Institute for Human Rights and Business #Top10 for 2022

As #Bespoke ESG Consultants, we are passionate about putting Human Rights at the top of our agenda when reporting on projects. Building on our experience in this sector, we can help to protect Businesses from facing Human Rights issues across the globe. We have recently provided a Human Rights Risk Assessment (HRRA) in Cool Port Addis, Ethiopia. The HRRA was carried out in parallel with the Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), to support the Cool Logistics Technical Committee (CLTC), in meeting international standards and good international industry practice (GIIP) in developing the “Cool Port Addis” Cool Logistics Facility.
The Institute for Human Rights and Business have published their #Top10 Business and Human Rights Issues for 2022. Always a thought provoking read, this year the focus is on #humanrights and #climateaction

Institute for Human Rights and Business #Top10







15 December 2021
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