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Congratulations Wessel and Jason

Huge congratulations to Wessel van der Meulen and Jason Hartley on their recent promotions within Earth Active. 

Wessel van der Meulen – Principal Consultant, Government and Social
Wessel joined the company in 2019 as a Senior ESG Consultant, having previously worked in the international development sector, specialising in the environment and social development aspects of infrastructure projects in Africa. He led Earth Active’s first successful tender with the IFC and has gained a wealth of experience on the projects we have been implementing for them since, focused on incorporating ESG good practice in the new Corporate Governance Codes of Palestine and Egypt.  

Whilst part of Earth Active’s Governance team which focuses on ESG management and leadership, Wessel’s recent projects and expertise have also included Human Rights Due Diligence, a requirement under the UN Guiding Principles and updated Equator Principles for Financial Institutions. 

Jason Hartley – Principal Consultant, Environment

Jason also joined the company in 2019 as a Senior ESG Consultant, he has built on his significant experience in biodiversity conservation, specifically market-based mechanisms for conservation such as REDD+ and sustainable livelihood development. Since joining Earth Active Jason has led on much of the company’s biodiversity work, supporting lenders and corporates alike in recognising and managing their exposure to biodiversity-related risk and developing strategies to maximise on biodiversity-related opportunities. Jason’s project work has covered much of Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia. 

Jason is growing his experience and knowledge of environmental and social management systems having led on due diligence project’s analysing the governance capacity, with recent assignments including national parks and conservation areas in Indonesia and Angola. 

Both are now working for Earth Active as Principal ESG Consultants and we are fortunate to be able to trust in their professional knowledge and expertise with many exciting projects in the pipeline.





9 November 2021
Earth Active
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