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Biological Diversity Day

On the 22nd May, Earth Active will be joining in the celebrations for the International Day for Biological Diversity. Biological diversity (or biodiversity) is quite simply the variety of all life on earth.

From the towering giant sequoias lining the United States West Coast, to the otherworldly Saiga antelope grazing the vast steppes of Central Asia, to a Foxglove brightening an Oxford garden, right down to the microbiomes fixing nitrogen for plants in soils worldwide, biodiversity and the interactions between it fundamentally underpins our food, our water and our medicine, and keeps you, me, and the dog, healthy and fed.

Our planet’s biological diversity is at its richest in the tropics, and Earth Active has recently been providing safeguards support to lenders in species-rich tropical forest landscapes, internationally recognised and protected for their critical importance to biological diversity. Supporting Key Biodiversity Areas, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Important Bird Areas in West Africa and Southeast Asia, for example.

For 2021 the theme for International Day for Biological Diversity is “We’re part of the solution”. Check out and let us know what you’re doing to support biological diversity.

22 May 2021
Earth Active
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