The Highs and Lows of COP27

Michael Mere

COP Day 15 - Leave no one behind

Day 14: UN releases COP27 ‘non paper’

COP Day 8: Drinking from the same COP

Hope Sherwin

Just another COP out?

It’s COP time again.

WWF-Tesco Sustainable Supply Chain

Fiona Kennedy

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Greece’s Sovereign Wealth Fund appoints bespoke team of international ESG advisors to build value of its public assets portfolio

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Getting the Team Together!

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Helping Mobilise Finance for Forests

Paul Sciver

ESG Strategy for Mining Company – Europe

Tesco and Biodiversity

Multi-Purpose Terminal Development – Ivory Coast

Low Carbon Growth Initiative - Nigeria

Agricultural Outgrower - Philippines

Cool Logistics Corridor - Ethiopia and Djibouti

Renewable Energy - Geothermal - Ethiopia

Persistent Organic Pollutants - Mediterranean