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2022 Impact Report

Understanding intrinsic links and bringing deep technical insight

We understand the intrinsic links between E, S and G and bring experience and a holistic approach to creating bespoke solutions for clients.

We work with
root causes
not just

Across the globe

A collaborative approach

Working closely with our clients we bring together the knowledge and experience of our broad and diverse team and local network of associates for each project we undertake.

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"I would like to warmly thank you for your professionalism and excellent content delivery during our ESG training. I particularly appreciated your interactive approach, and your efforts to encourage participants to engage actively with the content, which is exactly what we stand for"  United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Impact Report 2022
What a year! 2022 has been a big one for Earth Active. As a Certified B Corp UK, we are…
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After just over two weeks, the 27th annual COP is over. The international climate summit took place in Sharm el-Sheikh…
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